Troy Precious Metals Trading Inc.,(Troy) is a trading and clearing member of Borsa Istanbul Precious Metals Market

We are a main market player of physical precious metals sector in domestic and foreign markets, 

We are so proud to announce, 
Borsa Istanbul Precious Metals Market is not a secret anymore, 
Now Troy Clients are able to trade at very transparent market. 

Troy made the first in Turkey by providing a platform (GOLDTAKAS) direct access to BORSA ISTANBUL (Istanbul Gold Exchange), 
In cooperation with Borsa Istanbul and long-term practices we have completed the integration of Goldtakas and Borsa Istanbul. 
From now on you can access to BORSA ISTANBUL Precious Metals Live market with real prices at 

You can be active in TR Gold Market very easily, like you have branch here in Istanbul.
Benefit from the price differences in TR.

Via your Troy/Goldtakas account by login your User ID and password, you can see realized transactions, make physical Buying-Selling with your own price. 
By creating Vault A/C at Borsa Istanbul, clients are authorized to manage their physical precious metals movements by themselves,, 

  • Physical Trading, 
  • Import & Export,, (LBMA GOOD DELIVERY BARS, Scrap Gold –Melted blocks, Dore gold bars(under 995 purity)
  • Ounce transfer, Remittance, physical precious metals transfers through the accounts, 
  • Physical Precious Metals Reception and Deliveries
  • BORSA VAULT A/C – with insurance