Troy Precious Metals Trading Inc.,(Troy) is a trading, brokerage and clearing member of BORSA ISTANBUL (Istanbul Gold Exchange) with the number of 82. Established by permission of TR Treasury and under control of Capital Market Board for its all activities. We are subject to Capital Market Board audit controls as being under the same law with banks. 

We are specialized on Physical Gold, we provide all authorization and means we have, to our clients.
In the frame of mining business, since mining companies are not informed about the Turkish mining regulation, they live serious problems and even sometimes they have to pay fines. So, to prevent these kind of problems, as Troy we provide to our clients so many services and business opportunies;

1) Registration of DORE GOLD, without being member of Borsa,
2) Support all exportation processes, (Door to Door local transport, Mint assay, Registration)
3) In case of Exportation, You will have the opportunity for VAT RETURN!
4) Advice Refineries abroad that you may export your dore gold bars,
5) In Turkey, you will always have alternative assay and refining services with Troy
6) We create a sub account at Borsa Istanbul on your company name and  VAULT A/C that is all Free of charge,
7) Via our physical trading system, It is possible to sell your physical precious metals assets on BORSA ISTANBUL and TR FREE MARKET with your price,
8) Exportation to INDIA, we have trustable business partners that are sector leader, that are presenting good business opportunities like premiums on gold buying,

With our experience and knowledge about gold business, You can find all answers with us regarding Gold Dore/Ore.